Property market booming in Hill stations

According to the fresh reports real estate market is falling but Indian hill stations have the different story it is unbelievably booming day by day more and more India home seekers moving towards to these places.
However there home buyers need home for different purposes like some want it for residential, commercial and some as only a holiday home, some others want it as a second home they can drop in any time they please.
As per the market analyst in this year only hills station property market has witnessed of approx 4500 to 5000 from across the country, but the majority is for residential purpose. As per the sources India hill station is emerging as highly lucrative business and hot spot for home seekers.

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One thought on “Property market booming in Hill stations

  1. It is believed that quite a few plances on the Sea shore [of course Mumbai included] in the world has a threat of getting drowned by 2050 A.D. due to global warming. Further it as not advisable to stay near Sea shores for a prolonged time due damp and humid atmosphere hence staying at higher altitude makes sense. No wonder that in future the real estate prises at places on higher altitude will keep rising…

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