Property Owner’s Ass. Deny Support to RoMF

Property Owner’s Ass. Deny Support to RoMF
RoMF claims Permission from 2,200 owners Support for Redevelop of C Ward
The Property Owner’s Association has denied any support to Remaking of Mumbai Federation (RoMF) to redevelop the ‘C’ ward and other wards, Mumbai under the name of ‘Cluster Development’.
“We have not given any consent for redevelopment to Lalit Gandhi of RoMF and RoMF is misrepresenting the owners/ association before the government and authorities”, said the Property Owner’s Association in a press release.
In a telephonic interview, Lalit Gandhi, Chairman, RoMF claimed that RoMF has a full support from about 2,200 owners, tenants and other associations from the ‘C’ ward.
“The Property Owner’s Association is not representing the owners of C ward. RoMF is a mission to make Mumbai the world class city. We also have support from eminent associations – BAI and MCHI” added Gandhi.
While talking to Mahesh Mudda, newly elected Chairman of BAI, Mumbai chapter said, “BAI is a neutral body. We neither support or against RoMF’s mission. May be some of members of our association is with RoMF”.
On the claim of Lalit Gandhi’s support from the 2,200 owners of C ward and other ward, B R Bhattad, vice-cum- Executive President of the Property Owner’s Association said, “RoMF might be purchased 4-5 properties in C ward, but we are backed up by the owners of C ward. RoMF without the consent of landlords/owners for redevelopment are misguiding the tenants of C ward and other wards.”
“RoMF is giving rosy picture in association with some of the political leaders to create dispute to stall the process of redevelopment undertaken by the owners. In the property owners meeting, all owners agreed to redevelopment their own properties and rehouse all the residential and commercial tenants in the new building” added Bhattad.

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