Property Purchasers Association of India formed

By Accommodation Times News Services

Much needed, Property Purchasers Association of India is formed on 10th Oct 2013. The main object of the Association is to have knowledge and education spread on the rights of property purchasers. Also to raise voice against un just taxation of Real Estate. Fight against wrong government policies, unfair trade practices of builders, developers, brokers, housing finance companies, state housing boards and others.
Lets have Property Purchasers Association to fight for Shelter-for-all in India. Government, Builders, Brokers, Politician and unsocial elements are looting the property purchasers. Lack of knowledge, on info on projects, legal aspects, housing finance and many such things will be discussed. Join the group and fight for rights of home less people of India.
Join the force.
Send your request to propertypurchasers and visit this group at :

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