Property sale messed up between UD and Revenue Department conflicts

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Registration of properties as well as their sale and purchase in 320 recently regularized colonies on private land is caught up in a tussle which is between urban development department and revenue department of Delhi Government eventually delaying the process. An objection raised by revenue department is bringing the urban development department to held Cabinet proposal on opening of registry in recently regularized colonies on private land. Delhi Government has assured that registration of sale will be opened after reviewing the task force.

Sources said, that department’s official are against the definition of classification of private land of urban department and also government land for regularizing of these colonies. The government is making every possible move to solve the fray between the two departments. Urban department’s minister Arvinder Singh Lovely has conveyed to hold a meeting, discuss and resolve the issue. Besides this, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) has been appointed as an agency to co-ordinate between the two, also to resolve the matter the department is bringing a Cabinet proposal to over rule the objections.

The conflicts are getting ugly and the Delhi Government has to interfere and take action. According to the revenue department they are the authority and has the power to declare whether any land is private or belongs to govt. They have also private land without layout plan is approved by the civic body. They have also said that the urban development departments have no power to define the land. It has also warned that this can cause to increase in litigation in these colonies. Contrary to this the urban development has said that there is no need to make any layout and the UD is capable of making decisions.

UD official Lovely said that there is basically no tussle as such and the registration of properties will is start from Diwali.

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