Property tax collection increases in Nashik by 28%

tax1By Accommodation Times Bureau


This year, Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) collected Rs 22 crore more property and water tax as compared to previous year. Water tax  defaulters will face disconnection within 15 days.

In 2017-18 the property tax collection is Rs 5776.51 lakh. While in 2016-17, property tax collection was Rs 4518.44 lakhs. As compared to last year the increase in property tax collection is Rs 1258.07 lakh.a

Those who uses solar energy, they pay online and get subsides and also those who pay in April get 5% subsidy, in May 3% and in June 2%. Total 7644 property owners use solar energy and the tax collected from them is Rs 7.80 lakh. Tax collected from 124481 property owners who availed of five percent, three percent and two percent subsidy is Rs 89.90 lakh. Online payments were made by 41821 persons and Rs 6.41 lakh was collected.

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