Property Utsav Sobo, 2018 – 24 hours to go!

Accommodations Times is organizing one of the most happening celebrations for all the real estate populace.

Property Utsav will give tons of opportunities to those who will be exhibiting their properties in India and also to the visitors.

And the very best part of the Utsav will be its organizers, Accommodations Times, which are the oldest in the field of providing all the whispers related to real estate since 1986.

Like always along with their news they also serve people with strings of Knowledge Series and Property Exhibitions National and International Market and now it’s the time to add one more bead to their collection with this amazing Property Utsav.

This exhibition will be organized for 2 days in Mumbai which will be a great exposure for Indian Investors, Buyers and Channel Partners. Accommodations Times being one of the oldest has many highly reputed trade associations, trade professionals, Architects, Financier, High Profile Brokers and Channel Partners, High Net worth Investors and Corporate Buyers which will also become a part of this Utsav.

So here, is the best ever chance now in India through this Utsav for all the implicated buyers to purchase their dreams and for all the seeking sellers to sell for their dreams. Don’t miss this golden chance of yours and be a part of it and save the dates “ 08 September 2018 and 09 September 2018”!

List of topics:























Also store the following address in your Hippocampus:

“Nehru Centre Ground floor, Doctor Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 40018”

And be a part of this event!

Contact Details:

Manisha: 8657412022

Nagma: 8657412021



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