Pros & Cons: Ready to move home or under constructed homes

By Amit Wadhwani, Director, SECCPL

Investing in buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life and is made post serious understanding, deliberation and research. Many questions arise in the minds of the buyer even before they set out looking for properties. The first and foremost of those questions is where do they wish to park their money? Would it be in an under-construction property or a ready to move the project? The buying patterns depend majorly on the requirements and various aspects such as what exactly is the buyer looking for, matching the current requirements as per their needs, or if the buyer is looking for a property to invest in.

Before investing in a property the buyer considers various aspects that play a major role in the long run wherein they can modify or sell the property to gain profit. Since both these property types serve and suit different purposes and intents, it is imperative to know their pros and cons

Ready Move Homes:

1) Pros:

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