Public transport system in Indian cities

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By Murari Chaturvedi, Editor-in-Chief,

murari sir 2In India’s top 53 cities, each of which has a population of 1 million or more, commute to work, mostly by buses and other modes of transport. Overall public transport is a failure as less than 20 percent of workers use it in 33 of these 53 cities. The census of 2011 shows that the bus and train network, the backbone of the public transport system, meets the transportation requirements 31.3 percent of the workforce engaged in industry and services in Kerala and 25.5 percent of the workforce in Tamil Nadu. The workers in these states are relatively much larger than in most metros like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Only Mumbai has a much larger public transport system than these two southern states. This is because the local trains network which transports 24.8 percent of the workforce in Mumbai in addition to the facilities offered by BEST buses, auto rickshaws and taxies which is the highest share in the country. Mumbai’s large local rail network makes it the largest public transport system in the country. In addition the metro and mono rail systems are recently added to the Mumbai’s public transport system.Buses contribute as the most important modes of public transport across all cities. Metro rail projects promoted under joint ownership with the concerned state governments in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.The latest in Bus Rapid Transit system (BRTS). BRTS projects for 422 kms sanctioned for 9 mission cities. Ahmedabad is the first city under JnNURM to have successfully launched a complete BRT system. Compared to a regular bus. The journey on a BRT is much quicker because BRTs enjoy bus only lanes and off Board payments at stations known as Janmarg or “People’s Way” – is the first full BRT system in India. This system needs will surface and well maintained roads without any encumbrances and illegal structures. The condition of roads is cities specifically in Mumbai are infested with the road mafia who obtain surfacing of roads. The corruption is at its peak. The condition of old and dilapidated busses is another factor. The servicing of these buses if often not properly done. The aging fleet of buses to be replaced in time for the trouble free services to ferry passengers in the cities.

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