Pune citizens will be facilitate with aesthetic designed roads

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Pune city will soon get relieve from pothole city roads soon, as Pune Municipal Corporation is planning to give aesthetic touch by re-designing them and some creative elements to improve the city roads. The authorities have plan to appoint urban designers who will design the road structures and they will pay them at least Rs 9 lakh per km. After inviting bids, the PMC received 11 applications for the work. But only four of it fulfilled the conditions set by the civic body.

The PMC’s aim is to provide citizen’s with proper roads and develop the city’s infrastructure. “We have assigned urban designers to bring an aesthetic look to city roads that were till now developed haphazardly. This is the first time that the PMC would be using the service of urban designers,” said Pramod Nirbhavane, additional city engineer.

Further he added that till dated the civic bodies were more concentrating on technical aspects and specification for the developments, but now they also want to focus on artistry and refinement  “Aesthetics had never been an important factor so far, but now the importance is emerging and hence, PMC decided to rope in urban designers on the basis of similar initiative taken in New Delhi and Ahmedabad,” Nirbhavane said.

To the process of designing the roads the designers will work on managing the land for arranging street parking space, pedestrians, landscapes and etc, they will conduct a survey regarding this. Alon with designing the roads they will also design footpaths, activity places, and parking spots after a proper study of traffic on these roads. They will re-design new traffic islands as per the new requirements to add greenery and beauty on the city roads.

The designers would have to carry out surveys on land use, traffic, pedestrians, informal sector, street parking, and landscape along with photographs while designing roads. Nirbhavane further said that the

PMC will continue to develop roads more such roads and will appoint consultants to ensure that technical norms are followed by contractors.

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