Pune: Digital identification for each house

mnbvcxz By Accommodation Times Bureau

Technology , these days is playing a tremendous role in human’s lives. Pune civic body has decided to take advantage of supreme power of technology in gaining the maximum benefit. Each property in the city will now have a unique digital number based on its geo-spatial location and every household will be allotted a standardized digital address number.

“The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will start the tendering process for the project that will help enhance its property tax net. Every street, building and house will have a bar code and digital door number. The new system will help identify any property digitally,” said Suhas Mapari, Deputy Municipal Commissioner (General Administration) of PMC.

PMC has already started collecting information about all the properties, taking help of Global Positioning System (GPS). It is listing units out of the property tax net, too. Over eight lakh properties will be tagged on the GPS, allowing them to be traced on Google Maps.

These digital door number system can be used for navigation by the police, fire services, ambulance and other emergency services also. Pune civic body is moving smart, making the India really ‘Digital’.

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