Pune International Airport proposal to be finalized in time of six months

Bharti, Phoenix, DLF in competition to build India’s first airport mall

By Accommodation Times Bureau



The project which is in on run since 2005, is on the progress track. In 2005, the Airport Authority of India conducted a research at several location in Pune- Chaakan, Rajgurunagar, Khed and Koyegoan for the airport construction. After proper analysis, the localities were considered unsuitable for the airport construction.

On September 11, 2016; other six places were shortlisted- among which Munjewadi Pargoan Memane in Purander was finalized and considered suitable for location to built international airport. The locality is situated almost 28 km of air-gap distance from the Pune City. The state minister, Mr. Madan Yerawar stated in current Vidhan Parishad session that the project is expected to be finalized in six months.

The Pune International Airport, will be a benefactor in several ways. Considering the heavy load schedule on Mumbai city’s international airport, a lot of burden will be lessen once the Pune airport will be in functioning. The airport project in many ways will help to improve the employment opportunities in the vicinity.

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