Pune ranked 1 on Ease of Living among 111 cities, Ahmedabad ranked 23

The Capital of India, Delhi ranked 109 on Economy and Employment and overall it stands at 65 ranked

By Rohit Sharma


In Ease of Living an initiative of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) on August 13, released a survey in which Pune holds the top rank followed by 2nd Navi Mumbai, 3rd Greater Mumbai and 5th Thane, among the 111 major cities.

Ease of Living Index helps cities assess their liveability vis-à-vis global and national benchmarks and encourage cities to move towards an ‘outcome-based’ approach to urban planning and management, Ministry said while releasing the index.

The authority decided in June 2017 to rank cities based on the liveability parameters. The implementation of the assessment commenced formally on 19 January 2018 covering 111 cities.

Ease of Living framework comprises four pillars namely Institutional, Social, Economic and Physical which are further broken down into 15 categories and 78 indicators.

Pune has scored 58.11 out of 100 in institutional, social, economic and physical criteria and whereas Navi Mumbai 58.02, Mumbai 57.78 and Thane 52.27. Kalyan-Dombivli has scored 35.8 out of 100 and ranked at 50.

The Capital of India, Delhi ranked 109 on Economy and Employment and overall it stands at 65 ranks.

Manju Yagnik, Vice Chairperson, Nahar Group said, “We are proud to see cities from Maharashtra to secure top three spots in the “Ease of Living Index” in an initiative by the government to assess cities’ ‘liveability’ with regards to global and national benchmarks. Mumbai has been ranked third and has topped the index in the ‘physical’ factor wherein infrastructure, transport, housing etc are measured, however, we can work further on strengthening   ‘institutional’ and ‘economic’ factors.”

Earlier the development in the city was very restricted but now in the last couple of years, the development has been more organized, in fact, it has seen more vertical development compared to other cities. Moreover, the infrastructure of the city has been tremendously improved, providing better connectivity to the populaces across the city. Safe and secure working environment, especially for women, is another factor which makes us stand apart from other cities. Alongside people are now more aware of global warming & green initiatives which is of utmost importance for the development of the city in all aspects, she added.

According to the survey, Surat ranked 19 and Ahmedabad ranked 23 on overall performance. Whereas Chennai ranked at 14 among 111 cities.

Ranking: Ease of Living Index

Top ten cities
1.     Pune
2.     Navi Mumbai
3.     Greater Mumbai
4.     Tirupati
5.     Chandigarh
6.     Thane
7.     Raipur
8.     Indore
9.     Vijayawada
10.                        Bhopal

Pillar Wise: Top ten cities

Institutional Social Economic Physical
1.     Navi Mumbai 1.     Tirupati 1.     Chandigarh 1.     Greater Mumbai
2.     Tirupati 2.     Tiruchirappalli 2.     Ajmer 2.     Pune
3.     Karim Nagar 3.     Navi Mumbai 3.     Kota 3.     Thane
4.     Hyderabad 4.     Chandigarh 4.     Indore 4.     Chandigarh
5.     Bilaspur 5.     Pune 5.     Tiruppur 5.     Raipur
6.     Kochi 6.     Greater Mumbai 6.     Itanagar 6.     Tirupati
7.     Ahmedabad 7.     Amravati 7.     Pune 7.     Navi Mumbai
8.     Pune 8.     Vijayawada 8.     Ludhiana 8.     Bhopal
9.     Vijayawada 9.     Indore 9.     Thane 9.     Bilaspur
10.                        Visakhapatnam 10.                        Vasai Virar 10.                        Vijayawada 10.                        Visakhapatnam

City Population Typology wise : Top three cities

Population ? 4 million Population ? 1 million < 4 million Population ? 0.5 million < 1 million Population less than 0.5 million
Greater Mumbai Pune Chandigarh Tirupati
Chennai Navi Mumbai Tiruchirappalli Karimnagar
Surat Thane Amravati Bilaspur





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