Pune to take more than 2 yrs for Smart City

smart cityBy Accommodation Times Bureau


The Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday told the legislative council that, some of the projects will take more than two years to be completed in Pune. However, this indicates that Pune will not be a Smart City by 2019.

On Wednesday, Anand Gadgil raised the issue about smart city projects for Pune in the legislative council. He said that two years ago 53 projects were sanctioned and out those only two projects have been taken up.

Replying back to the query of Gadgil, CM said, 10 projects have been completed on February 2018 and 60 projects had been sanctioned. He also said, orders had been issued for 24 projects while 4 were at the tender level and rest other (22) projects plans were still to be prepared.

He said, “We have raised Rs 4,000 crore through municipal bonds, to complete the work and added that, various other infrastructure such as parking lots, water pipeline, etc, includes in projects and to complete this it will take more than two years.”

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