Punjab clears Rs 562 Cr pending payments for development projects

By Accommodation Times Bureau

The Punjab government on Thursday released funds to the tune of Rs 562.05 crore towards pending payments for various schemes and development projects, including the maintenance of important memorials in the state.

The official said that the government has released the funds, with a directive from Chief Minister to all the departments to mobilize additional resources through financial prudence and economic management to further consolidate the state’s fiscal position, which is showing signs of gradual recovery.

Apart from these, the state government has also released Rs 37 crore to the Tourism Department for the maintenance of memorials, an official said.

A sum of Rs 16 crore and Rs 60 crore has also been released for Water Supply & Sanitation and health insurance respectively. Amounts of Rs 17 crore and Rs 9.46 crore has been paid under GST refund and Border Area Development Fund (BADF) respectively.

Further, a fund to the tune of Rs 11.20 crore has been released for Environment, Forestry & Wildlife, and Rs 7.96 crore for the development of Infrastructure facilities for judiciary including Gram Nyayalayas.

Another Rs 3.43 crore has been released for other development programs, according to the official.


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