Re-Development of 7 govt colonies to increase Green Area Coverage by 3 times

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The re-development of seven colonies will lead to increase the green area coverage by about 3 times from the existing green space area, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) said today.

Seven colonies are Nauroji Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Mohammadpur, Sriniwaspuri, Kasturba Nagar and Thyagaraj Nagar.

The re-development of the seven colonies is been done with complete adherence to environmental sustainability and green building concepts and special care and attention is being given towards retaining maximum number of existing trees and incorporating them in large cluster as an integral part of landscaping design scheme.

It further said, the upcoming complexes are being developed according to “Green Building Concepts”, zero waste discharge and environmental sustainability by the following measures:

Ground coverage restricted to 15-20% against the existing ground coverage of 50%.  The green area will be 50%.

Plantations/transplantation as green barrier along boundary to cover main roads.

Orientation of houses as per sun path to avoid heat gain in the building and green terraces to mitigate heat gain.

Solar panels used for renewable energy. The total solar power generation in the 7 GPRAs will be 5,654 KW.

Solid waste/Waste water will be collected, segregated and treated in-house and reused for horticulture purposes and flushing. Solid waste will also be used as manure for horticulture.

Rainwater harvesting system for recharging the ground water.

Use of recycled material from construction and demolition waste to be used in construction of structures such as kerb stone, footpath tiles, etc.

The upcoming complexes are being developed by providing green spaces, with lush green trees around the constructed building.   An example of the same is the development of New Moti Bagh Complex and East Kidwai Nagar Project.

Ministry’s endeavour has been to provide exemplary models of development for the future generations. Change is inevitable and so is the need of the hour for the city. With utmost care and respect towards our natural environment, all measures are being taken in the planning and designing of these colonies to construct a Green Project with “Griha Certification”. As such green cover and sustainability of environment is adequate and appropriately ensured after the redevelopment of Seven Colonies.

Annexure – I    – Details of Green Areas

GPRA Plot Area (Sqm) Original Ground Coverage Ground Coverage after redevelopment Existing green area Green area after redevelopment
% Area (Sqm) % Area (Sqm) % Area (Sqm) % Area (Sqm)
Nauroji Nagar 101010 67 67677 31 31313 13 13131 47 47475
Netaji Nagar 442405 61 269866 25 109656 14 63512 53 233917
Sarojini Nagar 1030479 64 659506 26 267924 14 144267 49 504935
Mohamadpur 36818 35 12886 15 5431 38 13991 43 15703
Kasturba Nagar 213715 55 117543 17 36332 18 38469 41 87623
Sriniwaspuri 296230 55 162927 25 74058 30 88869 50 148115
Tyagraj Nagar 54900 27 14823 15 8301 38 20862 58 31467
2175557   1305228   533015   383101   1069235



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