Real estate bill passage Realty will mature, says Mr. Rajesh Prajapati, Managing Director- Prajapati Constructions


Rajesh Prajapati - Managing Director - Prajapati Constructions Limited - A

By Accommodation Times News Service


We welcome the passage of this bill. This will make the real estate industry more organized and mature. It will bring transparency to the sector and the passage of this bill will mean that the reputed long term players will be greatly benefited along with customers. Timelines will be more closely adhered to and also the quality of construction in projects will increase.

The only worry is about the inclusion of under construction projects as it will mean a lot of difficulty for the developers. Therefore, only new projects should come in the ambit of this bill.

Also, a definite time frame for approval of projects needs to be built in, maybe at a later stage if not now.

Most importantly the buyer will now have a peace of mind as he/she will know the project validity and also get complete authentic information about the same.


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