Real Estate Industry’s engagement with Technology Start-Ups


By Accomodation Times Bureau


Due to demonetization and upcoming Good and Service tax incorporation, the current scenerio in real estate market is quite disturbed. Almost 90% of projects are delayed and 80% of them are exceeding the budget. The Real Estate Accelerator Programme (REAP) is working on activities to enhance the productivity in planning with the help of technology.

REAP is planning on the ways to utilize drone sensor data and aerial images for improvement in mining and site planning. The tech start-ups can provide services to capture data, storing of the acquired data and assistance in analyzing the data given. Hence the technology’s involvement will enhance the operational efficiencies and help in smooth functioning of projects.

According to the REAP, the technology adoption can help in enriching the facilities to the consumer and help enhance the smart cities vision. One of the projects of PParkE start-up, a mobile application which helps the consumer analyze the parking space availability of specific locations.

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