Real Estate is a Good Investment Now

By Murari Chaturvedi
By Murari Chaturvedi

Real Estate is looking up again. The highly inflated rates of properties a year back are sobering down due to course correction in real estate. So, it is time to buy property as an investment, say 18 to 24 months. If you are purchasing real estate as an alternative investment, keep in mind that this is a long term asset. It may not be possible that like the stock market you can book profit in a short term.

Real estate can safely be said that it is the best investment money can buy. It is also a fact that land does not grow and its prices globally keep moving, offering manifold returns to its investors. The history of real estate show that despite ups and downs of real estate cycles, the property rates have gone up only. Investment in real estate is globally accepted and well organised method of investment, albeit primarily in the long term.

The growth of population along with the growth of urbanization, have contributed to the overall growth of property market. The real estate investment trusts are soon coming to India that can add to your financial portfolio. But while investing in real estate one has to keep in mind that they are for long term, say 18 to 24 months. Further on selling the property keep in mind you have to pay capital gains tax, stamp duty, registration charges and brokerage fee. But still, investment in real estate is considered a safe investment. The present scenario is good enough to invest in property. So if you have zeroed in on that fits your budget, don’t delay it and buy it now for future returns.

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