Real Estate Journalist of the Year Award: 31st National Real Estate Awards

DSC_0314newBy Accommodation Times Team

The Award announced by Architect  Prashant Sutaria and Shri Hitendra Parikh of Spark Group along with RERA Maharashtra Authority Shri Gautam Chatterjee. The Award was conferred on Mr Vinod Kumar Menon, Vinod is Editor- Special Investigation at MiDDay, a Dainik Jagran Initiative, which is the World’s largest newspaper Group. He is a Post Graduate in Criminology and intend to take admission for Phd in Forensic Journalism.

Vinod is a Post Graduate in Criminology and intend to take admission for Phd in Forensic Journalism. He graduated in Commerce from SIES College, Mumbai. He has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice from IGNOU, New Delhi.

He is life member of Indian Society of Criminology, University of Madras. He has received several prestigious awards and scholarships during the course of his working as an investigative journalist:

31stAnn4Laadli Media Award in 2017 –

Won the 2015-16 Laadli Award for the Best News Report about Gender Sensitivity story

filed by him ;Child brides refuse to say I do; appeared in MiD-DAY on January 17, 2016.

Noted activist and dancer Dr Mallika Sarabhai presented the award at an event in

Ahmedabad on February 23, 2017.

International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), 2016, USA-

Was the only Indian to be shortlisted for a over three weeks IVLP leadership program by

federal government USA. Was representing India, along with 21 investigative journalists

from across the world.

REDINK Press club award in 2015 for a series of in depth investigative stories on the

dangerous drug meow meow. It led the central government to ban it under the NDPS


REDINK Press club award in 2014 for two in-depth investigative stories in two different

categories, viz:

– Incident of rape at Bhandara under the Crime and Investigation category,

– Malnutrition death in Dolara village, 100 kms from Mumbai, under the Health category.

REDINK Press club award in 2013 for in-depth research-based story on drought in

Dolara village, 100 kms from Mumbai

Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award in 2012 under the Environment

category, for in depth story on drought published in year 2014.

His discovery of a 200 year-old secret tunnel under General Post Office (GPO), Mumbai

in October 2010 got much deserved attention in the media. It also opened up a new

avenue of research for historians and archeologists on Mumbai.

He has numerous investigative pieces to his credit – exposes and eye-openers that have

been cited as evidence in the Court of law during trials.

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