Real Estate value adjacent to Religious places declining

navimumbaiBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, Phd

When Lata Mangeskar objected to fly over just touching her home’s balcony and threatened to shift to Dubai, entire project was scrapped for Pedder Road. Religious places like Mosque, temple s and other seasonal festive pandals on common spaces, roads and compounds making it difficult for neighbors to cope up with. When Board exams are in offing, students are preparing for professional exams entrances, academic stress kiilking our students, we the people of India are having religion top of our priority. We do not want to listen any word against it. Be it Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christians.

I have never seen a Good Friday procession on Roads any where in the world. But since Ganpati are celebrated on Roads, why not it Muslims who are allowed to Tajias on Muharram?

But no one think of Silence zones dedicated to hospitals, worships, Pagodas and Bipasana centres. Courts, State Assembly and other study centres like public libraries. Our next generation is busy in preparing for exams in these months. Exams time, every home has a student and still we have our prerogatives to making noise. Sickness and illness, patients are recouping in hospitals and wants silence. Every home may have a patient today or tomorrow. There will be death in every home, that’s nature. We, a in-sensitive society, a society of self centred people just live the day but forget the apathy of neighbors to whom we owe to be nice. The lower strata of society needs to be educated, either by penalties or incentives.

If Singer Sonu Nigam wants silence in the vee hours, what is wrong? Do he not have Right for Silence as equal to people making noise? Why the religious centres cannot operate without noise? Real Estate is the sufferer for this. Value of real estate is following when it is adjacent to a temple, mosque or other religious centre. It has become public nusense. People wants silence. In India, festivity means a big loudspeaker played with latest bollywood songs. I wondered when Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar jayanti was celebrated with big stage shows on roads with loudspeakers above 110 db points till 2 am in the morning on Mumbai roads. A buddh celebrates or worship with Bipasana and not by playing loud music. Nalanda and Budh Vihar centre across Maharashtra are created and used as Mangal Karyalay ( Marriage Halls) which plays maximum strength vulgar music. Real Estate near such centres are not preferred as people do not prefer it adjacent to cemetery or Nallah.

Silence should be adopted as Fundamental Right under Constitution of India.

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