Realty Bites:Launch of Smart City Projects in Pune

Realty Bites

By Accommodation Times News Service

 Mr. Arindam Guha, Senior Director, Deloitte in India
“The uniform framework followed in the Smart City Challenge has led to the adoption of strategies which are largely consistent across cities. The Smart City Plans for the top 20 cities therefore revolve around interventions like online Government services, augmentation of public transit systems, strengthening last mile connectivity through environment friendly transport options, adoption of smart traffic management as well as solid waste management practices. There is also quite a bit of commonality in the way the urban infrastructure is proposed to be augmented in individual cities under the area based development component – projects like developing a public transit hub comprising the railway station, bus terminus; river or waterfront development; redevelopment of the city center to transform it into a hub for citizen activity etc. are quite common.

With the building blocks for most of the Smart City plans being similar, there is a significant opportunity for City Administrations to learn from each other and share experience & innovative practices. The proposed Smart Net Portal should be a good platform for this cross learning to happen, with innovative mechanisms like crowd and community sourcing thrown in to maximize the pool of ideas which have the potential to fast track implementation. Incidentally, this was also a distinguishing feature during the Smart City plan development phase of the Mission, where City administrators and experts from various countries had shared their experience over online networking platforms.”


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