Redevelopment in CRZ eased

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Due to various restrictions, provisions and guidelines prescribed in the Notification dated 19-02-1991 of Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India, & modifications thereof from time-to-time, the development and redevelopment of cessed buildings in Island City as well as projects of rehabilitation of large pockets of declared Slums were badly affected and remained non-viable for over last 20 years.
The main reason was the restriction of F.S.I. 2.00 for redevelopment of cessed and dilapidated buildings in Mumbai city limit in CRZ where existing F.S.I. consumed is 1.33 or more. Naturally such proposals and projects in large numbers became financially non-viable, hence such buildings, slums & occupants therein left high and dry where loss of life and property was eminent, specially in case of dilapidated buildings and so was the case of Slum Rehabilitation Schemes affected by CRZ.

In last two decades, representations from various Agencies, NGO’s, Associations & State Govt. were made to the Govt. of India requesting for suitable modifications to make redevelopment of buildings / projects in CRZ viable at par with remaining area of Gr. Mumbai on the grounds of equity. Ultimately the long time struggle and efforts put on has paid the dividends. The Govt. of India recently modified the CRZ provisions specially for Gr. Mumbai, thus making different types of redevelopment schemes in CRZ viable in all respects. Before going through the said modifications it is felt necessary that a reader also should have fundamental knowledge of the provisions of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), which are in short explained below :-

The Development permission within the ambit of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) of Greater Mumbai is governed by the contents, regulations and guidelines mentioned in the Notification issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India dt. 19-02-1991, and as modified from time to time till this date. The CRZ is classified in 4 different Zones. The respective zones & permissible development according to said Notification is as under :-

i) CRZ-I :
This is the area between Low Tide Line (LTL) & High Tide Line (HTL), which is ecologically sensitive wherein the geomorphological features play prime role in maintaining the integrity of the Coast.

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