Reviews in environment laws to fast track development projects

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By Accommodation Times News Service

Union Ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) has set up a high level committee to review some of the environmental laws. The Acts which are going to reviewed includes Environment Protection Act 1986, the Forest Conservation Act 1980, Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Act 1974, and Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act 1981.

The other terms of reference include status of implementation of each of the Acts, draft amendments for each of the Acts to give effect to the proposed recommendations, to examine and take into ac count various court orders and judicial pronouncements relating to these Acts.

But activists claim it is a brazen attempt at diluting the laws to provide an open field to those who want to make a killing under the guise of development. D Stalin, director of NGO Vanshakti, said it is a direct attack on the Constitution, which imposes a responsibility on the government and citizens to protect the environment, forests and wildlife. “Practically every environment law is sought to be amended in a manner that makes it ineffective. This move is intended to weaken all those who seek to protect our natural wealth and heritage… In the absence of laws, there is little that even the courts can do. This is precisely the ultimate aim of this government, “he said. Activist describes this move as nothing but an attempt to dilute the laws and fast track the developmental projects.


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