Revision of the Existing Land Use Plans: BMC

By Accommodation Times News Service

The Mumbai Development Plan 2014-2034 is the 20- year development plan for Mumbai city which is currently being drafted by the Brihan Municipal Corporation. It goes like this way that every 20 years BMC prepares a development plan which decides how the available land in the city is to be used for public amenities like education, sanitation, health, infrastructure plan and many more. As part of the revision of the Development Plan, the existing land use plans have been prepared by the Development Plan Department of the Municipal Corporation.

The existing land use plans is under debate as many have raise question regarding the veracity of some of these plans. Before the plan gets approved and come under the implementation it has been displayed on the Notice Boards of the respective Ward Offices for the benefits of the public for a period of one month. Any citizen can who want comment on the plan can send email on

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