Roadshows Vs Exhibition

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Marketing cost is killing. Whoopingly high cost of sale promotion is extra burden on property buyers. Just like Air conditioned Malls failing to attract customers and foot fall, exhibitions are also becoming outdated. Foot falls are falling less and high cost to decorate stalls, agency cost and high cost of space from exhibitor killing the sale promotion budget. World’s best expo charging 7000/- to 8000/- per sq mtr like for example famous BAUMA charging 185 Euros i.e. Rs.14060 per sq mtr.  In Germnay DRUPA it cost Rs.7372 per sq mtrs. While many trade associations giving free or reasonable cost space in their exposition world wide to promote real estate and other products, the sale promotion cost is kept lower than 1% to give benefit to customers instead.

Spending Rs.50 lakhs on space in exhibition is not wise decision as digital marketing for this much budget will give you huge campaign throughout year in India and Abroad. 50 full page print advertisement or 3000 slots of 20 seconds in in a prime time on leading channel or six months promotions at FM for half of this budget.

Besides risk of sitting in open where your data is collected by government agencies, unsocial elements, your costly broucher is also goes in wrong hands. Its time for real MBA’s put to work instead of cartel and lobbying to boost egos.


Sr. No Aspects Exhibitions Road shows
1 Target Audience No control over visitors, open for all. Target Audience are very filtered and

Validated like Investors, Brokers and HNI’s.

2 Time 2 to 3 days of time is Wasted. It’s a 4 hrs effective program and one to one interaction.
3 Resources Huge amount money and man power is wasted for 3 days & 3 days of follow up. Very cost effective and less man power is invested.
4 Exclusivity More than 50 Builders Participate,

No chance of exclusivity.

Maximum 6 participants take part which gives great amount of exclusivity.
5 Presentation No Exhibition Gives time for Presentation to the Participants. Presentation Time is given for better Branding & Q and A.
6 Conversion Rate Less conversion because of huge competition. Conversion rate is higher because of exclusivity.
7 Data General data of visitors is provided. Filtered and concentrated data of the visitors and also of RSVP is Shared.
8 Pre Event Promotion Pre Event Promotion is done only for Exhibition. Pre Event Sms campaigns and Mailing Campaigns are done for Road show and Participants.
9 Post Event Promotion Post event promotion is not provided. Advertisements and Company feature are published for Branding.
10 Web Site Promotions No Exhibition gives online Promotion for participants. Online web banner and logo promotion is provided
11 Tie up Arrangement Tie ups in the exhibition is not possible because visitors are the End users. Road show Business Tie ups facility with Brokers and Investors association are given to the Participants.
12 International Exposure No Exhibition will provide with International Exposure through a media. Accommodation Times being a media house gives full page Advertisements in the International Magazine to the participants.

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