Rs. 2,863 cr to be invested in 42 mission cities

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Ministry of Urban Development has approved in one go investments in six States for improving basic urban infrastructure over the next three financial years i.e 2017-20 under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT).

A total investment of Rs.2,863 cr has been cleared in 42 mission cities in these six States with a central assistance of Rs.1,432 cr for providing water taps to all urban households besides increasing water supply to the normative 135 litres per head per day, improving sewerage and drainage networks, promoting non-motorised transport and development of parks and green spaces.

Details of investments to be made over the next three fiscals are : Karnatata –Rs.2,070 cr  with a central assistance of Rs.955 cr, Jharkhand-Rs.555 cr in 7 cities with central assistance of Rs.262 cr, Himachal Pradesh-Rs.115 cr with central assistance of Rs.103 cr, Arunachal Pradesh-Rs.53 cr with central assistance of Rs.47 cr, Nagaland-Rs.45 cr with central assistance of Rs.41 cr and Puducherry- Rs.24 cr with central government funding the whole project expenditure.

Details of component-wise expenditure (Rs. Cr) to be made are:

State/UT Water supply Sewerage Drainage Urban Transport Parks and

Green spaces

Karnataka 822 1,061 119    21 47
Jharkhand 346    197 13
Himachal Pradesh   31      27   14    40   3
Arunachal Pradesh    –      22   30    –   1
Nagaland    –        6   29      8   3
Puducherry  22        1  –    –   1


While Karnataka has 27 mission cities in which the approved investments would be spent, Jharkhand has 7 mission cities viz., Ranchi, Adityapur, Chas, Deogarh, Dhanbad, Giridih and Hazaribagh; Himachal Pradesh-Shimla and Kullu, Arunachal Pradesh-Itanagar, Nagaland-Kohima and Dimapur and in Puducherry-Karaikal, Ozhukarai and Puducherry.

With these approvals, Atal Mission investments in the 42 mission cities of these six States stand approved with the Ministry of Urban Development having earlier approved investments for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Accordingly, total AMRUT investments approved for the five year mission period ending with 2019-20 are: Karnataka- Rs.4,971 cr, Jharkhand-Rs.1,246 cr, Himachal Pradesh- Rs.375 cr, Arunachal  Pradesh-Rs.141 cr, Nagaland-Rs.120 cr and Puducherry-Rs.65 cr.

To enable early planning, project formulation and completion of AMRUT projects within the mission period, Ministry of Urban Development has introduced approving State Action Plans for the next three financial years in one go.

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