Rules for acquiring open plots made tougher to avoid misuse of land

acquring open space to get difficult






By Accommodation Times News Service

Acquiring plots reserved for recreation grounds, playgrounds, parks or gardens will get tougher with the new policy, as the scrutiny department is raising its checking up to two level more. Municipal Commissioner, SS Shinde said, “we will look at how the applicants plan to increase the green cover, maintain cleanliness and ensure security of the plot which they plan to develop.”

The scrutiny committee comprising the BMC officials will the check the profile of the applicants organization and their plan for the development and the maintenance, another four member review committee will keep a watch on the appointed organization work and have to prepare quarterly reports, every ward office will make a list of plots which are to be given out and lastly but very importantly the license given to the selected organization will be revoked if the plot is found to be encroached upon or if any of the agreement terms and conditions are violated.

According to the new policy framed planting of 30 shrubs for each square metre of the plot will be one of the conditions in the agreement signed with the shortlisted organization. The organization has also made mandatory to belong to the area where the plot is located. MPs, MLA in case wants to develop the open space and want to use their personal funds will be asked to give the preference to development of the nurseries. Any organization applying to adopt a plot should have a minimum annual income of Rs 10lakh for plots with an area less than 5,000sqm, while the minimum annual income is Rs 1crore for the plots more than 10,000sqm.

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