Safety certificate not obligatory to property registration

Now property registration is possible even without submitting the structural safety certificate as government has made it obligatory last month, officials said.
According to the sources Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna has approved the government’s offer to withhold the dictate and the decision will be notified in this week. To guaranteed the safety of constructions government has made the structural safety certificate obligatory, but the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) claimed it did not have the infrastructure to issue certificates so quickly.
MCD Standing Committee chairman Yogender Chandolia has said that they didn’t have experts to issued structural safety certificates, regarding this committee has also issued the resolution.
As per sources, though at the time of withdrawing order the Lieutenant Governor has asked to all civic agencies to upload on their website a list of buildings under their jurisdiction those violating the norms of constructions.
Chief Secretary has issued a letter to Lieutenant Governor which includes restrictions in implementing the structural safety requirement. Proposal was accepted but to track only defaulters, sources said.
Structural safety order passed when a building named Lalita Park located in East Delhi, as it was constructed illegally, in last November collapsed causing 59 deaths several were wounded. Following to act, the government had decided to make it obligatory to every transactions of real estate.

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