Sanitized living our first priority

By Accommodation Times News Service

With the rapid growth of urbanization throughout the country, sanitation has become the all important agenda for the citizens, civic authorities and the builders. The city centres are full of people resulting in chaos, odor and filth. Garbage disposal and sewage treatment are the most important functions but are neglected by all concerned in all the metropolitan and other big cities, where flats in upcoming housing complexes are fetching record prices, the builders and developers of such housing complexes have special responsibilities to provide up to date systems for garbage disposal in all new buildings garbage chutes are must. The architects and developers should compulsorily incorporate these vertical garbage ducts in their building plans. In addition to these ducts, electric pyrollators should also be there to dispose garbage pyrollators.

In all advanced countries, incinerators or pyrollators and garbage chutes are mandatory in the buildings. Sanitation starts from here. While the builders are offering all modern amenities, they can surely provide the most important basic amenity –garbage disposal systems. Urbanites are generating more and more garbage to-day as is evident with piles of rotting garbage on every street corner, but nothing is done about it and is left there for municipal staff to remove it. At the end of the International Water Supply and Sanitation Decade held some time back, the than World Banks senior Urban Management advisor presented its findings. According to the report findings 73 per cent of the urban Indian population was without adequate sanitary facilities. Slums in all cities have no adequate disposal systems. The plight of rural population is still worst, where less than 5 per cent people are covered under sanitation schemes. It is now urgently needed that the existing sewerage systems be revamped and enlarged the city planners must work on war footings to provide proper sanitation system in the cities.

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One thought on “Sanitized living our first priority

  1. The garbage collection and disposal has almost become the worst stinking topic of the day being debated in every concerned quarters; but with no initiative seriously taken by the authorities having the ultimate responsibility to do so. For instance, Bangalore is a fast developing city with IT industries mushrooming in an alarming pace. Nonetheless, the tragedy pervading the scenario is too worrisome to be taken on and solution found by wave of a magic wand. The callous mindset of ‘the people’ requires to be blamed in no small measure.
    If one remembers, politicians in and out of power have all the time been talking about transforming Bengaluru into another Singapore for the role model , but the prospects seem to be too far to be in sight even for those .having no impairment in vision..
    The root cause of it all , in one’s conviction, can only be traced to the abject lack of will and sincerity on the part of the local authorities, despite being adequately empowered, in moving forward, in the right direction and in a time bound manner.

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