Sharp rise in property rates in Thane

By Accommodation Times (
Over the past year Thane property market has witnessed of sharp rise in property prices as well as rising mortgage rate, due to these consequences property deals and commercial space has taken a plunge.
According to the fresh real estate market reports comparatively with the current years units sold 16775 however in 2010 24,601units had been sold. Contrary, rental deals have shown an upward surge, with 9,658 residential and commercial properties being leased out this year, against 8,785 in 2010.
Prior to buying a house home-seekers are anticipating that realtors may reduce the property prices owing to the overall slump in sales. Whereas, decreasing rates is so far while developers are hoping that demand for realty will overcome to supply. The reports revealed that the income of the current years from the revenue department, registrations fees and stamp duty is much higher than the previous year. The report further added that “in the past 11 months, the amount collected from rental agreements touched Rs 3.18 lakh, a figure higher than Rs 2.81 lakh collected in 2010 under the same revenue head.”

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