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By Pallavii Pitale
With the changing times, the needs do change. As the family grows, business grows, organization grows, the needs keep growing as the time changes. The main need happens to be of an additional space for staying, for accommodating more people or for more storage. Every need may grow but the available space.
In today’s world where every inch counts, occupying floor space with storage is not the right way as the spaces are comparatively smaller. The intelligent solution to get that additional space is, putting the storage either on walls or on something that goes vertical and doesn’t occupy space on the floor. There comes the variety of shelf designs to take care of the requirements. Many people believe that shelves are mostly for offices and libraries. But that isn’t true. If arranged in a right manner, They definitely add that extra space to any room and are one of the important storage elements.
All kinds of interior spaces get benefitted with the right kind of shelf design.
Living room looks beautiful with sleek and simple racks or shelves. They can be part of a unit, can be open shelves without shutters or can be cantilevered shelves which look more elegant. They can be used to arrange certain artifacts or interesting arrangements, to position speakers, to arrange books and multiple things.
Dining area can have crockery shelves or unit with shelves for the storage. There could be a display on a shelf or a rack with an antique piece of crockery or a utensil or even an artwork or a frame.
Kitchen can have the shelves below and above the counter behind the shutters, there could be open shelves to keep the things handy above the counter and can have some detachable types which can be added or removed as and when to the requirement. The trolleys and metal shelving behind the shutters is the most used , preferred and useful option.
Service Balconies / Utility areas should have shelves holding various items required for the utilities like washing and drying, laundry etc. It also can house many other things like raincoats, umbrellas, rainy shoes and related stuff which is used occasionally.
Master Bedroom can have the arrangement of shelves to display photographs, to house various Mementos and Artefacts , Books, Magazines,Medicines and many other things.
Kids room here, shelf design can have lots of interesting elements. it can be combined with their beds, wardrobes, study tables and other furniture elements. Shelves here can be used for housing the toys, the books, the gifts and artefacts, collectibles collected by the kids and much more.
Office / Den shelves in these areas can house all sorts of things to the requirement. Whether an open shelf or with a shutter it can help arrange the things in a systematic manner which is the main demand of these spaces.
Other areas like Hospitals, Hotels and many other spaces, can add shelves to their requirement.
Shelves can be created in solid wood, plywood, particle boards and Fibre boards. They can also be made out of stone tiles or slabs whether natural or artificial, metal sheets, perforated sheets, polycarbonates and acrylics, glass, Backelite sheets and many other innovative materials.
Apart from the utilitarian purpose, the shelves can create an interesting focal point or Emphasis in a room. Interesting lighting arrangement can add lots of aesthetic appeal to the shelves. It can also act as a visual barrier or screen in a space and can be used as a space dividing element. If developed as design with a particular look and character, it adds that special Ambience to the space too.

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