Slum Re-development

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By Shri. Murari Chaturvedi, Editor-in-Chief, Accommodation Times

Slums are part of urban environment all over the world. In India a total of 33,510 slums were estimated in the urban areas. The main cause of spread of slums is that people can’t afford to purchase regular houses. This is direct result of unavailability of rental accommodation, specifically in urban centres. The key indicators are based on the central sample, surveyed by officials National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) consisting of 3832 urban blocks spread over all states and union territories. Maharashtra, with an estimated 7723 slums accounted for about 23% of all slums in urban India, followed by Andhra Pradesh, accounting for 13.5 % and West Bengal, which had a share of about 12%. Out of an estimated 13,761 notified slums in urban India, Andhra Pradesh had about 23%, Maharashtra about 14 %, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu about 9%. This shows that Andhra Pradesh has maximum slum population second to it comes Maharashtra. Mumbai tops the list in slum population where more than 55% live in slums. Spread of slums is directly linked to the livelihood and income levels of people and also about the industrialization in the city centre. Maharashtra tops the list with a slum population of over 118 lakh flowed by Andhra Pradesh with 101lakhs. In Mumbai many slums pockets in Central and South Mumbai are having slum tenements air conditioned, television sets, and other amenities because the slum dwellers can afford them but not a proper accommodation in pucca R.C.C buildings this means that the regular housing is out of their reach. And the cost of regular houses is increasing day by day thus compelling peoples to live in slums increasingly. The much publicized SRA scheme is still to take momentum. The land laws and the various formalities by the municipal authorities are the great hindrances in the redevelopment of slum pockets, which are being redeveloped by private builders. It is high time the government must take the lead in this matter and clear all the hurdles coming in the way of slums redevelopment. This is the only way to clear the slum pockets and develop new houses for the masses.

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