Software, Freeware and Shareware available and their uses in Real Estate Finance

DYNA is a comprehensive suite of sophisticated financial analysis tools for real estate asset and portfolio management. DYNA is used for preparing operating projections for commercial office, retail, industrial, apartment and hotel properties on a cash, tax or book basis.
DYNA can handle any property, from the simplest to the most complex. It eliminates the errors and manual manipulation requirements inherent in spreadsheets and empowers your business with an analytical capability unmatched in the industry.
Supports the most basic to the most complex recoveries and percentage rent calculations
Advanced portfolio analysis features, including detailed sensitivity analysis
Sophisticated development and partnership modeling
Robust data-mining tools for reporting against historical and forecasted portfolio information
Real Estate Calculator Suite
The 16 real estate and mortgage calculators in Real Estate calculator Suite give you the ability to play with your own numbers as you consider a real estate purchase.
Real Estate Calculator Suite is Windows-based and runs on these operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.
From down payment savings and loan qualifying to estimated closing costs and from amortization schedules to prepayment savings, Real Estate Calculator Suite does the real estate math for you.
Real estate calculator suite includes a date calculator, a fraction decimal interest rate conversion table, sample text for closing credit accounts, a documentation list to help you gather your paperwork, a home inspection form to help you review potential homes, a mover’s to do list and useful tips for home buyers and sellers.
Real estate calculator suite includes 2 quick calculators, 2 downpayment savings calculator, a pop up calculator, a mortgage qualifier, amortization calculator with monthly and schedules, loan spread calculator, a biweekly payment calculator, a refinancing calculator, an estimated closing cost calculator, home sellers proceeds calculator, rent or buy calculator and prepayment calculator. Based on wheatworks experience developing financial calculators for corporate real estate clients, real estate calculator suite is design for real estate consumers and professionals.
Construction Office Developer
UDA Construction office developer includes detailed templates and tools for quickly creating expert, comprehensive architectural covenants, building guidelines, design standards, landscape requirements, conditions and restrictions for quality neighbourhood and community real estate development.
By combining the specialized tools and features of the builder, architect, remodeler, design-build, construction management and light commercial versions, including construction, design and remodeling and light commercial contracts, forms, specifications, worksheets and estimating spreadsheets, plus detailed templates for creating architectural covenants, conditions and restrictions for neighbourhood and community real estate development, construction office developer is powerful software you can use right now to successful plan, design and build your community.
Construction office developer includes the following components design especially for real estate developers and professional contractors:
Detailed templates and outlines for architectural covenants
Architectural standards and guidelines
Architectural review board
Neighbourhood association forms
Residential property classifications
Appropriate material and finish guidelines
Building guidelines and restrictions
Minimum living space and floor area ratios
Common property and areas
Architectural and landscape review and control
planEAS Software
planEAS is the most comprehensive, easy to use and sophisticated real estate analysis product on the market today. For simple properties planEASe is fast and accurate.
Yet the same planEASe system can handle commercial retail development with as many tenants as you need, with accurate reimbursements and re-leasing assumptions — all after Tax!
Investment analysis
Self storage
User decision analysis
Tenant representation
Owner representation
Lease vs. purchase
Cost comparison
Development analysis
Land development
Condo conversion
Build to suit
Commercial development
Landlord’s cash flow analyzer
This investment analysis software is an affordable and easy to use real estate software cash flow tool that helps you as an investor to choose the right real estate investment properties.
Determine how much rent to charge: Simply enter the market rental rate or your estimate and quickly determine if your expenses will be covered. Easily increase or decrease the rent amount to see the effects on the bottom line.
Determine the value of the property and avoid overpaying: Enter current asking price and see if the cash flow will cover the debt payments and expenses. Determine the tax benefits from depreciation. Easily adjust the property purchase price upward and downward to see the effects and determine the maximum you should pay. Enter the market capitalization rate (Cap rate) and gross rent multiplier (GRM) and determine the value of the property based on the rental income.
Goal seek and sensitivity analysis: Quickly and easily solve backwards to determine what the actual purchase price, fair market value or beginning rental income must be to attain your required rate of return!
Perform what-if calculations: Change your input over and over to see the effects on profit and investment return.
Compute federal and state income taxes: Quickly determine the tax benefits that would be generated from owing the rental property. Evaluate your rental property with or without income taxes. See the effects of your cash flow if loses are limited by the passive activity rules. Our software calculates tax depreciation for real estate and personal property. Our software is updated for the few federal capital gain tax rates that were recently enacted.
Forecast your property’s cash flow for 20 years: Evaluate your rental property’s performance over a 20 year time period. A cash flow analysis is computed for each year along with complete property sale computation. You now can easily see how your investment would do at the end of each and every projected year. These computations are summarized in an easy to read report and is graphed.
Calculate rate of return (IRR) and modified internal rate of return (MIRR) are calculated for each year of property ownership. The calculation is a function of the initial investment you make compared to the cumulative cash flow generated. Easily determine if your required return on investment would be met. The software will also automatically compute an unleveraged IRR and MIRR so that you can compare how beneficial borrowing would be for that particular investment. Simply change the amount borrowed and compare the unleveraged and leveraged IRR and MIRR results.
Allow for foreclosure and below market purchases: The cost of the property may not be the fair market value especially when you are buying properties at distressed prices. The software quickly computes the return on the spread. A great tool for property flippers! Forecast and determine the future property value by entering a projected growth rate. Determine the tax implications as cash flow from sale.

Calculate important financial ratios
Internal rate of return (IRR)
Modified internal rate of return (MIRR)
Debt coverage ratio (DCR)
Debt to equity ratio (DER)
Gross rent multiplier (monthly) (GRM)
Gross rent multiplier (Annual)
Net present value (NPV)
Cash on cash return (before and after taxes)
Debt service ratio (DSR)
Capitalization rate (Cap Rate)
Annual ownership percentage
Loan to value ratio (LVR)

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