Solutions and Suggestion for Speedy Approval

By Accommodation Times Bureau
By Nawaz Sayyed

Mumbai: On this Tuesday MCHI-CREDAI discussed with the state Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan regarding the several burning real estate issues. While discussing with the Prithviraj Chavan MCHI-CREDAI president Paras Gundecha presented before him the following suggestion.

1. Speedy Approval System (Time limits as mentioned in MRTP):

a. 60 days Approval system of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to be implemented in all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).
b. Monthly reporting by the ULBs in MMR. All Plans to be approved and all Plans submitted, where approvals were pending, to be reported to a Monitoring/Approval and Review Committee on a monthly basis.
c. If Approvals not received within 90 days or the file is stuck for any reason, there will be a provision for appeal to a Committee.
d. Uniform Development Control Regulations (DCR) in ULBs within MMR, other than MCGM (Process to be initiated), also implement AUTO DCR system.

2. Automatic NA with immediate effect to amend the MLRC and suitable ordinance can be done to collect NA tax at ULB level.
3. High Rise to restrict its scope to structural review by IITs and other Institutions to be nominated by the Government of Maharashtra with immediate effect.
4. ULC to be scrapped in totality with immediate effect.
5. MMRDS Rental Housing: Decision on recommendations of the Rental Housing Committee.
6. Environment Clearance to approve backlog of 500 files in 90 days

i. Environment Clearance to approve backlog of 500 files in 90 days
ii. and of approvable plans.
iii. Mandate to clear backlog within 3 Months.

7. Formation of special Committee with a mandate to sit weekly (or more frequently if required) and to come up with recommendations for creating policies, rules and schemes on affordable housing within the MMR Region within 30 days, also bring self approvals in the speedy approval system. We request for decision on the same in the next 30 days.
8. Review the recommendations of the Homes for All Committee at CM level.
9. Simplification of Civil Aviation NOC

i. For all areas across Mumbai plans should be made and the maximum height should be
prescribed. If any building is to be built below that prescribed height in that plan the Civil Aviation NOC should not be insisted.

When asked to Boman Irani, Secretary of MCHI-CREDAI that what is the deadline of the above suggestion, Boman said “we have proposed these suggestions before the CM and he has promised to us on the higher priority basis he will take the necessary actions.”

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