Soon an ACT against illegal mobile towers within this month


Soon an ACT against illegal mobile towers within this month

By Accommodation Times News Service

The public accounts committee (PAC) of the state legislature has roped in the officer’s form the Urban Development Department and BMC for their failure in removing the illegal mobile towers in the city and directed the government to initiate action against them in month. Officials said this negligence of the officials has not only led to health hazard but also loss of the revenue.

In the report submitted in the legislature on Tuesday, the PAC passed strictures for failure to act against illegal mobile towers in the city. After holding hearings on the anomalies pointed in the CAG report 2009-10, the PAC said the BMC has failed to implement the government orders for removal of towers.

“It was mysterious to learn the government orders issued in 2007 for action against illegal mobile towers were not implemented by the BMC. This has led to addition of more such towers as per the numbers of towers registered in 2015. This has revealed the irresponsibility of the civic body,” the report has stated.

According to the report submitted to the PAC, the civic body received 5,919 proposals for the installation of the towers in the city between 1995 and October 2015, of which 1,134 were approved, while 145 illegal towers were removed.

The report has stated there are 2,702 illegal towers against which the action needs to be taken. The committee has recommended that the government should recover a fine, along with property taxes from companies, for erecting illegal towers. It has also recommended tri-monthly reports on such towers.

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