South Corporation loses 64L in compounding fees: New Delhi

By Accommodation Times Bureau

It is a very effortful work to obtain a Completion Certificate (CC)The South Corporation has issued 25 certificates from October 2008 to December 2010, but has eventually not charge the compounding fee as per the 2007 circle rates and charged according to rates prevalent in 1998-200 which resulted to a big loss of revenue of Rs. 64 lakh.

A Compounding fees is a fee which is paid on the property where unauthorized construction takes place. The owner pays the fee as per the prevailing circle rates to regularize the unauthorized portion. One of the official said, it is very difficult to obtain a completion certificate as one or the other objections are raised by the corporation official. Sometimes some are wrongly charged too.

The issue was raised in the standing committee meeting on 20th November

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