Special features of product offerings by various HFCs

Special features of product offerings by various HFCs:
Standard Chartered ANZ has launched the Home Saver Account . Along with the Home Loan, your will get a FREE current bank account into which you may deposit your monthly salary. The EMI for the loan will be automatically reduced from your account. The excess balance in your savings account will be saved interest that will be adjusted against your future EMI payments. The bank claims that the effective interest rate gets reduced by upto 45% because of this scheme.

Citibank offer loans with no guarantors. Most banks require that you present a guarantor who will back you up if you default on your loan repayment. It can often be embarrassing to ask friends to stand guarantor as most banks do not accept relatives as guarantors. Citibank gives home loans upto 90% of the property value, the highest from any bank ( only Tata Hsg Fin. matched this offer)Citibank offers a flexi-savings account to reduce your cost of borrowing. The bank will automatically open a Saving Account from which you can give standing instructions to deduct the EMI payments for the loan. You can then prepay the loan at any point in time and be given instant credit for the same, in case you get a large lump-sum annual bonus from your employer. Should you require money in an emergency at any point you can avail of a over draft on this savings account at an interest rate that is the same as that on your Home loan. This works out much cheaper than taking an over draft on a normal savings account
GIC Housing Fin. gives a free personal accident cover along with the loan. Oriental Bank of Commerce has started to offer a free property insurance cover of the value of property and a free accident cover of upto Rs. 5 lacs.GICHFL gives Consumer loans for purchase of home equipment at the same interest rate as the home loan to customers at rates of interest that are the lower than other consumer loans. The total loan amount including the housing loan can be upto 90% of the value of the home. The tenure of the consumer loan is restricted to 5 years.
HDFC offer Flexible (Customised) Repayment Schemes, keeping in mind the fact that each individual has a unique problem requiring unique solutions, HDFC has developed various repayment options like Step Up Repayment Facility, Flexible Loan Instalment and Balloon Payment Scheme Pari Passu/ Second Mortgage Arrangements: HDFC has a tie-up with a large number of Public Sector Organizations and banks which enables us to offer loans to your employees with the flexibility of their spouse also availing a loan from his/her own employer Safe Document Storage Facilities: HDFC has state of art storage facilities, which are theft and fire proof, at various locations where loan and property documents are stored. In this way valuable documents are stored safely over the period of the loan and are released almost immediately after a customer repays his loan A customer, after availing of a loan can approach HDFC anytime thereafter to increase the Equated Monthly Instalment which will help him repay the loan faster.Home Conversion Loan offered to its existing customers who are interested in moving to a new house. Through this scheme customers can apply to have their existing loan transferred towards the purchase of the new home. Customers may also apply for an additional loan amount for the purchase of the new house. This gives the customer the option of selling their existing house, if they wish to, without having to repay their old loan The fixed rate loan can be converted to floating without any penalty charges. However, you will be charged 2% if you refinance the loan from another company
Hudco will waive the last 2 EMI payments on the loan if the customer has a perfect repayment record with no bounced cheques. The loan amount initially taken must exceed Rs. 5 lacs and no prepayments where to have been made during the tenure of the loan. This is not available for the Floating rate loan.There is a discounted start-up fee for Government employees. The Administrating fees stand reduced from 0.7% to 0.5% only .Free triple insurance – property cover, earthquake cover and personal accident cover. given free along with the loan ( not available for the Floating rate loan)You can prepay the entire loan in any year without any prepayment penalty. Each prepayment has to be atleast 10% of the outstanding loan. However, the floating rate loan has a 1% prepayment penalty.

HSBC offers flexible interest rate loans that can be reset every year depending on the prevailing interest rates at that point. The new interest rate will be applicable for the rolling one year Guarantor is required only for loans more than Rs. 10 lacs. Else no guarantor You can prepay upto 25% of the outstanding loan in any year without paying a penalty. For amounts over that, 2% penalty levied.

ICICI launches a 30 year tenure home loan, the longest available ICICI also launches a variable rate loan with a monthly rest basis versus the regular fixed rate loan that is on an annual rest basis No guarantors are required for loans upto 20 years in most cases.No pre payment fees for any part payment as long as the loan is not fully retired, else 2% charge on pre paid amount. You can repay upto 33% of the outstanding loan in any year without paying penalty. Free accident death cover for the owner. Special 100% funding for select properties Higher eligibility for self-employed professionals through segment-specific schemes

LIC Hsg Finance Ltd. will lower quoted interest rate by 0.5% for loans covered by a life insurance cover that is taken from LIC. The life cover must be taken for a minimum period that covers the tenure of the Home Loan

SBI offers Home Loans with no start-up costs. Most banks charge as high as 2% as processing and administrative fees. Prepayment is 2% if the entire loan is pre paid else it is 0%. Avoid this penalty by prepaying upto 99% of your loan if need be

Tata Hsg Finance offers Home Loans upto 90% of the value of the property and 100% in some new projects. The company has been taken over by IDBI. Prepayment penalty of 0% for upto 4 prepayments in each year. The entire loan can be retired without incurring any penalty. Free accident and property insurance. The premium payable for a Tata AIG Single Premium Life Cover can also be included in the loan amount sanctioned.
IDBI Bank offers balance transfer scheme. If you have taken a Fixed rate loan at a high rate of interest a few years back, then you can enter into an arrangement with IDBI bank to transfer the loan to them at the current lower rate of interest. You will also get free gifts to compensate you for the difference as the old and new EMI. The original EMI cheques will be used by IDBI to recover the loan amount from you over the remaining tenure of the loan.
IDBI Home Finance : Special Scheme for Age above 50 Years Clients , Called 50 Plus Scheme
Canfin Homes : Floating rate loans launched, special schemes for good quality, credit worthy customers.
HDFC : Has launched a monthly rest product. Free Credit Card, Life Cover at discount..
HUDCO : Floating rate loans launched
LIC Hsg Finance : Floating rate loans launched
SBI : Processing fee 0%, Admin fee 0% and prepayment fee of 0%

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