Square Foot launches “Waltz 191”- Glue less installation of wooden flooring

Offers wooden flooring with Angle Loc glue less installation, the product is designed to bring its user long-lasting enjoyment.

Bangalore: Square Foot, a name synonymous with premium integrated flooring solutions in India, today launched its new and very unique range called “Waltz 191” in laminate wooden flooring. The new collection has three different ranges which are Wenge, Rosewood and Coffee Oak
This Waltz 191 comes under the category of Laminate; Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring has advantages of being attractive, while costing less than natural floor materials, and of being more durable.
The wood of waltz 191 is truly an amazing laminate floor featuring real wood feel surface technology synchronizing the surface relief with the woodpaper. These Decors are carefully designed in terms of wood grain and character. The product has an Angle Loc installation system; patented under Valine angle loc install system- does not require glue by allowing the planks to be put into place via angle installation. The edges are especially wax treated so that water cannot damage the joints which in Indian cleaning conditions is very important.
Waltz 191 has 4-sided colored V-bevel and comes with different sort of surface finishing for wooden floorings they are i) Brushed Surface : A brushed surface which brings out the detail of the grain in each plank ii) Real Wood Feel/ Real Stone Feel : This surface is a technique of embossing synchronized with the wood grain texture.
Gaurav Saraf, Director, Square Foot, Bangalore said, “We are delighted with the launch of our waltz 191 as we believe it gives a real feel of wood, with a rich look of natural wood. This flooring is less expensive and long lasting. It offers different kinds of surface finishing and different kind of variants. The main objective of this is to provide stylish and fashionable floorings which are maintenance free, high quality and durability. Waltz 191 with its wax treated locking ensures that even with different moisture conditions and heavy damp mopping the joints are well protected making your wooden flooring much more long lasting. Elegant flooring makes a world of difference to the interior environment. This is a unique range of flooring from Square Foot as we are always constantly on the lookout for unique opportunities with products that fill our customers’ need.”
The specification of the Waltz 191 includes differs in the specification but broadly comes under the following specifications thickness 8.3 mm [1/3 in], length 1210 mm [4 ft], Width 191 mm [7 1/2 in].

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