SRA does survey of Hutment in Mumbai & Thane district


SRA do survey of Hutment in Mumbai & Thane district

By Accommodation Times News Service

The SRA has commenced the Survey of all Slum-Dwellers (approximately 7Lakhs) residing in the Mumbai and Thane districts. Using state-of-the-art GIS Technology, every hutment will be mapped on to a virtual database. Under this survey, the information of every slum-dweller will be compiled using biometric methods. Personal details of the slum-dweller and his/her family will also be collected.

The government aims to eliminate all slum areas in Maharashtra by 2022 & this process is scheduled to begin from Mumbai. The government implores every slum-dweller to provide the necessary information and documents to the SRA officials visiting his/her hutment and fulfill their duties as a responsible Mumbaikars.

After the verification process, every hutment-dweller will be provided with a Smart Card. The eligibility process for slum-dwellers will become faster and hassle-free because of this survey. Also, slum rehabilitation proposals can be implemented at a faster rate. Due to this survey, the rehabilitation of hutments will become more organized and fast. This will ultimately result in a cleaner, healthier & more beautiful city.

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