Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered
Relaxable conditions ( on a case – to – case basis)

Maximum Age of Building : 25 yrs
Work Experience of atleast : 3 yrs
Business was profitable for the last : 3 yrs

Additional Conditions

Security required : First mortgage OR Pari passu
Collateral required : No
Free Personal Accident cover : Not Provided by company
Free Personal Property Insurance : Not Provided by company
Days taken to process/disburse loan : 15 working days
Indian Residents:
For salaried applicants:
· Latest salary slip/salary certificate, showing all deductions. The salary slip or certificate should be certified by an authorised signatory of the employer
· Employment details for the last three years
· TDS Certificate – Form 16.
For self-employed applicants:
· Copies of Income Tax documents for the last three years i.e. computation of income and Income Tax returns, all certified by a Chartered Accountant
· Copies of the audited financial statements for the last three years, for the Firm/Company where you/your co-applicant are/is a Proprietor/Partner/Director
· A note on the nature of business, form of organisation, clients, suppliers, etc.
· Details of loan(s) availed for business and mode of repayment
· Copy of Partnership Deed

Common to all applicants:
· Statement of bank accounts for the past six months
· Passport-size photographs of your and your co-applicant
· Signature verification from your banker
· Copies of the first six pages of your passport and that of your co-applicant
· Copies of floor plans, title deeds, agreement to sell, etc.
For NRI’s
For salaried applicants:
· Latest salary slip/salary certificate, showing all deductions
· Employment details for the last three years
· Employment contract (If the contract is in a language other than English, an English translation of the same, attested by the Embassy/Employer, should be given)
· Latest work permit
· Identity Card issued by your current employers
· Continuous Discharge Certificate, if you are employed on a ship.

· Common to all applicants:
· Visa stamped on your passport
· First six pages of your passport
· Proof of your foreign address or a copy of your driver’s license
· Valid General Power of Attorney (as per Bank’s format)
· Name and address of a local contact whom we can correspond with regarding your loan application.
Company Profile
Standard Chartered opened its first branch in India in 1854 and is today the largest foreign bank in the country. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited is a large financial institution, with a presence in 40 countries. The Indian subsidiary services over 700,000 customers through its distribution network and a team of over 3,000 staff. With 39 branches in 15 cities in India, the bank provides world-class banking services.

Home loans to both Indian and NRI customers at floating and fixed rate of interest.
· Loans to construct / buy a new home
· Loans for home extension
· Loans for home repairs
· Loans for purchase of plots
· Loans against mortgage of property

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