Standard Operating Procedure (S 0 P) for handling complaints (Part B)

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, Ph.D.


Source Information on projects, which ought to have been registered but have not registered

For project. which ought to be registered but have not been registered. the Authority shall request information from citizens in following manner.

-Citizens shall be requested to email, details of the said projects to MahaRERA email ;

-Information shall be requested in Format as in Annexure 5

-On the basis of information received. Authority shall undertake necessary action

Annexure 1: Acknowledgement of Complaint




Sub Your complaint No. — dated

Sir / Madam

With reference to above subject, you are hereby informed that your aforesaid complaint dated……. against ……. is registered by this authority vide Complaint No……….  You are requested to serve copy/copies of complaint along with all documents to each Respondent individually through Registered Post Acknowledgement Due (RPAD)/ Speed Post and to submit one set of hard copies along with your declaration stating that the copy/copies of Complaint has been duly served upon the Respondent / Respondents, within forty-five days from the date of receipt of this letter. Kindly ensure the required compliances as per the attached checklist. On receipt of hard copies and declaration in respect of service of your Complaint, the matter will be listed for hearing before the Hon’ble Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

You are requested to submit the hard copies along with your declaration in respect of service to Respondent in the office of MahaRERA at ………………………………………..

Please note that the stipulated period of sixty days for disposal of complaint will start from the date on which you will submit the hard copies of complaint along with declaration of service in our office. When matter will be listed for hearing the scheduled date of hearing will be communicated to you through E-mail.

Please note that, in the event of your failure to comply with the aforesaid directions, the complaint will be put up before the Hon’ble Authority for appropriate order.

Yours faithfully.

Legal Advisor,


NOTE:Please ensure that along with hard copies of complaint the list of documents is duly enclosed and the copies of documents submitted by you are legible.

Annexure 2: Checklist for Complainant


Kindly ensure the following compliances:

1. Hard copy with index for the documents attached

2. Declaration in respect of due service to the respondent in attached format in

Annexure 3

3.Copies are legible and appropriately paged

4.Each page of complaint and enclosures bears signature of the Complainant

5.If complaint is filed through advocate, then the vakalatnama should bear appropriate     court fees stamp and it should be duly signed with address and contact information

6.All the documents enclosed to the complaint should be self-certified Xerox copies

Note: You are requested to note that checklist is provided for your convenience. You should enclose all the required documents so as to enable the Authority to ear the complaint expeditiously.

Credits: Landmark Judgements of RERA (Book)

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