Start-Ups Driving Real Estate Investments In Pune

Arvind Jain

By Accommodation Times News Service

By Arvind Jain, MD, Pride Group

The massive spurt of launches in start-ups that India has been seeing has significantly boosted overall investments as well as job creation in the country. While the start-up phenomenon has received prominence only in the last 2-3 years, it has in fact been active for almost a decade now. Pune has seen a large share of successful start-ups especially in the IT/ITeS space, thanks to its well-entrenched Information Technology culture. E-commerce has been a particularly vibrant start-up market segment. Pune currently has over 330 start-ups in various stages of growth, and e-commerce has been a primary driver in many cases.

Start-ups are freshly-launched firms which are in their early stages of development, are usually small in size to begin with and get their launching financial boost from their founders. If a start-up has a service or business concept which is perceived to have good future market potential, it will invariably attract investments from other parties. In fact, the start-up business model itself is based on a line of products or services which are either unique or are currently being under-serviced.

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