State authority demolished over 360 encroachments

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By Accommodation Times Bureau


A joint team of other departments on August 16, including District Administration, Police, Waqf Board and Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) removed the encroachment on  Shastri Nagar cemetery.

Additional District Magistrate (South) Dhar Singh Meena said that encroachments of about 50 shops were removed in the proceedings till Thursday before sunset. Along with this, all the other 363 encroachments were removed except for 2. An action was not done in two cases due to adjournment of the court.”

He informed that District Collector Siddharth Mahajan and Commissioner of Police Sanjay Aggarwal also inspected the proceedings and in their direction, an action was taken to remove encroachment from the Shastri Nagar cemetery in accordance with the directions of the Court.

Meena told that before the commencement of the removal of encroachment, most people had already vacated their shops and houses. “Those who did not vacate their shops and houses, after explaining, after clearing the encroachment with the help of the administration, removed their belongings and vacated the place, he added.

A sufficient number of police forces were deployed to remove encroachment and other necessary arrangements were made on the spot, an official said.


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