State Govt will fund to Small scale green projects

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Mumbai: In a drive to spread environmental awareness among the citizens and how to protect resources effectively the state government will fund to small scale green projects by citizens’ groups, residents’ associations and individuals.
According to the senior official, the funding will be done on the basis of Green Ideas scheme and also depends on the projects launched by citizens’ groups or individuals. Proposals for eco-friendly festivals, saving water, waste management, biodiversity, energy conservation and coastal conservation with community participation will be taken up.
In order to promote green buildings in India, we need to engage more and more people in the process, and, the government plays a very important role in doing so. We should spread awareness about green buildings among the mass, so that they demand more green from the government, official added.
The sustainability of our building industry is crucial to the economic, social and human development of our country.
The annual growth rate of our construction industry is far higher than the global average. Further, it contributes significantly to our GDP. Direct employment generated is second only to agriculture; with indirect employment generation in ancillary industries, as high as 5 -10%.

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