State now to Facilitate O.C. online in Auto DCR system to avoid unnecessary interference

By Accommodation Times News Services

image of online transactionIn order to promote ease of doing business in Maharashtra the state government and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai had introduced online approval process, Auto DCR system for granting the approvals to the building proposal, to further ease the process and bring more transparency, a new provision is included in the process where Occupation certificate (O.C.) and Building Completion Certificate (BCC) will be available online.

The online approval process for building proposal was introduces earlier only and With the Auto DCR system applicable in Mumbai, everything was accessed online and there was much transparency and ease in doing business, but lately it was noticed that there was rise in complaints regarding granting of the O. C. and many unconnected parties would interfere during the process of issuance.

Hence, on 22nd April, 2016 MCGM issued a circular to with effect to ‘Ease of Doing Business, Facilitating O.C. in online Auto DCR system, the circular No. IM2/DP/2309/Gen, states that to avoid the undue interference and make process more transparent, government has included the provision in the online approval system to incorporate details about the references received from any person during the approval process of building proposals & during the process of issuance of O.C or BCC to the building.

As per the provision if any calls are received during the process of granting OC and BCC to the building, other than the project proponent or appointed Architect shall be immediately recorded, under the respective building proposal file.

The circular also states that the occupation certificate should be available online and also any remarks of the scrutinizing officer granting or rejecting should also be available online.

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