State releases Rs 335 Cr for development projects & schemes

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Backed by a strengthening economy, the Punjab government on Tuesday released Rs 335 crore towards various development projects and schemes, while clearing the social security pensions for September.

“The government has released funds to the tune of Rs 335 crore towards pending payments for projects and schemes of the Local Government and Punjab Infrastructural Development Board (PIDB), in addition to Rs 140 crore towards the monthly social security pensions for September. While Rs 125 crore has been released to the Local Government Department, the PIDB has got Rs 31 crore to boost the momentum of the ongoing infrastructural development projects”, an official said.

The funds are aimed at ensuring the timely payment of social security pensions to the beneficiaries while giving a fillip to the development projects in all the priority sectors of the government.

The Chief Minister has directed all the departments to intensify their efforts to mobilise additional resources for development, by cutting down wasteful expenditure to further consolidate the state’s fiscal position.

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