State to regulate houses built on its lands

By Accommodation Times News Service


Major relief to people residing in Ambernath and Kalyan on government lands, Cabinet on September 4 cleared the proposal to regularize all these buildings. The residents would be required to pay 62.5 per cent of the cost who are staying in houses built on government land, as per the decision.

The charges are been made by calculating present or current ready reckoner rate which may be high unreasonably for that it has provided options.

Ambernath has 103 plots and Kalyan 87 plots in which several irregularities from over years are been taken place.

According to the source, there were as many as 630 plots in Ambernath from which over 100 plots irregularities have taken place and Kalyan with 87 plots has the same.

In 1940s, Suryoday Housing Society was built in Ambernath which is said to be Asia’s biggest housing society.

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