State to take action against builders who have not build parking lots against additional FSI

By Accommodation Times News Services

Car parkingBrihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is going to conduct a survey and prepare a status report on the list of builders given Floor Space Index (FSI) for constructing parking lots and amount of parking lots build by them in the city. State Urban Development Minister Ranjit Patil has ordered the probe and asked to table the report in the legislative Assembly.

This survey is to take action against developers who have availed additional Floor Space Index under the Development Control Rule 33(24), but they have failed to build parking lots, which was were mandatory, as per the guidelines.

As per government’s expectation they were aiming to that the additional parking lots would pave way for 41,864 vehicles. Instead, till date parking provisions for only 1,434 vehicles have been made by builders.

Ranjit Patil said, “In the next 15 days we will take action against developers who have failed to adhere to the rules and ensure its strict enforcement. If there are some shortcomings in the present rules it would be addressed.”

Currently, there are 57 parking lots planned across the city out of which 29 in island city, 10 in eastern Mumbai and 18 in Western Mumbai.

Patil assured that no additional has been allotted to builders as, It was mandatory that first the parking lots would be created and handed over to the BMC by the developers and then only the additional FSI under DC rule 33(24) will be allotted to builders as against it.

Later he added, if any builder has gained additional FSI without providing parking space as required by rule, strict action will implemented on them.

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