State to take over Jalgaon Corporation share, construct 10k homes

By Accommodation Times Bureau


State Government will provide a fund of Rs 100 crores as a special case for various development works in Jalgaon city under the Golden Jubilee Municipal Corporation.

Under this campaign, the corporation has to give 30% of the funds received from the state government. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on October 8 that, “Due to the financial condition of Jalgaon city corporation, the state government will take over the share of the corporation.”

The work of Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation was reviewed under the chairmanship of Chief Minister in District Planning House.

The Chief Minister said that the state government has already made available Rs 25 crore to the municipal corporation to implement the basic facilities development scheme in the city.

“Proposals for urban households under the Prime Minister’s housing scheme have been sent to the Central Government. However, to make Jalgaon city slum-free city, prepare a proposal for the construction of at least 10 thousand houses in the city and submit it to the government”, an official statement said.

Prefer to solve basic questions in the city while using this fund. In addition to this, the state government will provide a fund of Rs 100 crores for the construction of roads and gutters in the city under Golden Jayanti Nagorothhan Maha Abhiyan.

The committee should immediately submit the detailed proposal to the Government for the developmental work done by this fund in the city.

In the city, the water supply scheme and the construction work under Amrita Abhiyan is in progress. To complete this work by September 2019 and also to create environment-friendly pathways while creating green areas in the city.

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