Steps to be taken to Transfer Property Card in the Purchasers Name

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First and foremost an application along with certified true copy of the Agreement and original of index have to be submitted to the City Survey Office. This should be accompanied with a covering letter on which court fee stamp of Rs. 20/- has to be affixed. Thereafter Dispatch Clerk will forward the papers to the Record Clerk. Thereafter papers go to the maintenance Surveyor. Then the papers go to the City Survey Office for endorsement. At this stage the City Survey Office Record Clerk checks the actual area as mentioned in their records with the area mentioned in the Agreement as well as Property Card, The City Survey Office again sends the papers back to the Maintenance Surveyor. Maintenance Surveyor also checks papers annexed with the title to the property. The area of the property is checked at this stage.

Maintenance Surveyor than writes his report. Thereafter Maintenance Surveyor issues notice to the applicant and all concerned parties in Form No. 9 which pertains to inviting objection as regards necessary endorsement made in the City Survey Record with a copy of the same marked to City Survey Office. After 15 days from, the issue of such notice, the applicant is called. Any objection raised from the members of the public, particularly from the surrounding area of the property, is dealt with at this stage. If any objections are received, then a hearing is given to the concerned parties. Thereafter order is passed by the City Survey Office. Thereafter entries are made in the Property Card. Once entry is made in the Property Card the applicant can apply for the same and collect the same from the City Survey Office.

The purchaser of the property should ensure that their names are entered and recorded in the Property Tax bill as well as Water charges bill. It is pertinent to note that once entry is made in the City Survey records, then steps should be taken to get the Property Tax Bill and Water Charges Bill transferred. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation Authorities will insist for: –

a) Copy of Property Card
b) Copy of certified Agreement along with the Index issued by the Sub-Registrar of Assurances.
Mumbai Municipal Corporation will also ensure that all the Property Tax bills and the Water Charges bills are paid and only thereafter the property Tax bill and Water Charges bill will be transferred in the name of the Purchaser.
Similarly a set of papers has to be given to the Talati’s Office so that entries under 7X12 abstract are done & mutation entry in 6/12 has been made.
Basically various queries raised at the City Survey Office pertains to Measurement of Property, difference in area, demarcation of area, Sub division of plot, amalgamation of plot, the formalities pertaining to sub division of plot is as under: –

First and foremost permission must be taken from Bombay Municipal Corporation authorities, Building & Proposal Department. Thereafter copy of the permission so received from BMC, Bldg & Proposal Dept. has to be submitted to the Collector. The Collector will verify the records and give Order to the City Survey Office to demarcate the area. The City Survey Office will thereafter verify the sanctioned plan of BMC and thereafter physically demarcate the plot at site with Joint measurement from Survey Dept. of BMC. Thereafter necessary changes are done in the City Survey Office records. This is called as Measurement Sheet (commonly known as M R Sheet). It needs to be emphasized that at the time of physical demarcation initial of the parties are taken at the site on the documents prepared by Measurement & Survey (MS) Dept. of the City Survey Office.

City Survey Office will thereafter verify the demarcated plan along with his records and will make necessary changes in his records. Thereafter all CTS no. for the property will be segregated for e.g. earlier if the no. was 15 now the same may read as 15A & 15B. Thereafter the parties, if they desire, can obtain Property Card with CTS No. This record is thereafter sent to SLR (Superintendent of Land Revenue). The office of the SLR is situated at Old Customs House for Mumbai City area and at Administrative Building, Near Chetna College Bandra. Thereafter the Supdt.of SLR makes endorsement of the segregated plot area and sends back to the City Survey Office.

Once endorsement of Supdt. of SLR is obtained and endorsement is made in the City Survey Office, the parties can obtain segregated Property Card (PRC) for e.g. 15A& 15B respectively along with M R Sheet.

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